Kingdom Snipers Global Prayer Team

Foundational Scriptures: Ezekiel 22:30, 1 Timothy 2:1

Welcome to Kingdom Snipers Intercessory Prayer Hub where the Kingdom of heaven is made manifest through prayer, fasting and consecration. We are skilled marksman, generals of prayer, faith and intercession. Weapons of mass destruction in the realm of the spirit. Dismantling the kingdom of darkness. Sniping out the enemy through prayer and consecration. Taking territories and shifting regions, cities and nations, in the land sea and air. Training, equipping, sharpening activating and raising up sharpshooters in the kingdom. Invading the earth through prayer. 

Join us every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month for prayer at 9:00pm EST Dial (319) 527-2777 Access Code: 935495

Dr. Nicckay Natson Visionary/Founder

      General of Intercession & Prayer

Dr. Nicckay Natson know as the General of Prayer and Intercession loves being in the presence of God. Intercession is at the heart of this precious woman of God. Intercession was birth out of Dr. Nicckay because of her own personal trials and having to go deeper in her prayer life and in her relationship with the Lord. She had to learn how to put her trust in God no matter what. It birth a warrior out of her in the realm of the spirit. She spends time in prayer and fasting and believes that this is an important part of intercessors and the life of the believer to gain strategies on living in this world but not being of this world. Dr. Nicckay is a Kingdom Sniper. She shifts things in the earth through her faith and her prayers. As a General of Prayer and Intercession, Dr. Nicckay raises up other intercessors by instructing, training and teaching them the strategies to become a sharpshooter and marksman in the spirit.

             Elder Nichelle Kyles


Captured by His love, Elder Nichelle Kyles, a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ; called and set aside to the Ministry of Intercession. Faithfully married to the amazing love of her life, retired Master Sergeant of the United States Army-Elder Jemel Kyles. Together, with great joy they share in the lives of their two beautiful adult children, lovely daughter in love, and their four precious grand babies. In obedience to the Father, along with her husband, Elder Nichelle fully submits to her wise spiritual covering, Bishop Jesse and Pastor Halene Giddens. Elder Nichelle is the Founder and Servant leader of REFRESH LIFE, a travailing prayer ministry devoted to everything to God in prayer and dedicated to doing the will of the One who has sent her. Elder Nichelle is an ambassador who teaches, trains and instructs other intercessors in prayer strategies.

Prophetess Susan Buford

Prophetess Susan Buford Co/Pastor's along side her husband/Pastor Dr Kyle Buford of Kingdom of God in you CC. She and her husband of 17 years live in Ft. White Fl. Prophetess Susan is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel she and her husband Dr. Kyle Buford completed Sonship School of the First Born under the tutelage of Dr's Jesse and Halene Giddens in 2010. Prophetess Susan walks in the Office of the Prophet commissioned by God a Watchman on the wall to stand in the gap and strike the mark. A vessel called by God in 2003 to the nations trained, raised up by Jesus Christ. (Isaiah 6:5-9) (Jeremiah 1:5-10). Her mandate from the Lord is to Prepare the people for His return Isaiah 58:12 Thou shalt be the Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of paths to dwell in. (Isaiah 61, Luke 4:18-19) She is a scribe of the Lord, Spiritual Mother, Midwife, mentor, Intercessor, Warrior for the Kingdom of God. She is anointed and appointed by the fire and authority of the Holy Ghost to prophetically transform the mind and heart of those who are broken in spirit, soul and body by God's Holy Word. She desires that all come into relationship true intimacy with Jesus Christ who gave His life to give life to all those that would receive Him. The Prophetic word and Mandate the Lord has spoken: Daughter tell my people to Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand : I the Lord am soon to RETURN! !! She and her husband have 5 handsome Godly son's and 5 Godly Grandchildren.  Prophetess Susan is an ambassador who teaches, trains, and instructs other intercession in prayer strategies.

Prophetess Kibwana Burks

Intercessor/Prayer Warrior

Kibwana Wright surrendered her life to the Lord 26 years ago.  She pushes herself daily to walk as the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, prophet, intercessor, conference planner, program director, and entrepreneur. She is a beacon of light that paves the way for administration and servanthood within the Body of Christ.  She is a prophetic intercessor and seer that enhances the quality of the atmosphere with her prophetic voice and spiritual insight.  Kibwana is gifted with the understanding and sensitivity to push and advance the vision of those birthing ministries within the Kingdom of God and the business arena. She carries within her heart a deep passion to serve others and help them take their vision to the next level. She believes in the power of being sharpened and sharpening others through outreach, mentoring, intercession, and networking.  Her skills and encouragement are an asset to any project that she sets her heart, mind, and hands to do.  Her desire is to see God’s people flourishing in purpose and strengthened in their spirit, soul, and body.  As she finishes her Masters in Human Services Administration at Saint Leo University, Kibwana desires to begin a non-profit with her husband ministering to youth, the homeless and re-entering citizens with a focus on resolutions to the school to prison and prison to homeless pipelines. Kibwana resides in Ludowici, GA with her husband Jamal. She is the mother of four biological daughters and three grandchildren, four “in-love” children and two grandsons.  Her mothering spirit has given her a host of sons and daughters that she carries in her heart.

Minister Pat Hammonds

Patricia Hammonds devoted to the embrace of the Lord, trusts in him leaning not to her own understanding and in all her ways acknowledging him. At the age of 6 she began praying to an almighty God who later developed and set her side into the ministry of Intercession.  Intercession has become her heart, a sincere believer of prayer.  She loves being prostrate before the Lord because in this place is where her healing and deliverance took place.  She prays fervently knowing God answers her prayers and the prayers of others.  Minister Patricia Hammonds holds the motivational gifts in the area of prophecy, teacher and an exhorter whose devotion is to use these gifts to do the will of the one who sent her. She is the developer and orchestrator of the Battle Room which teaches and equips others how to strategize their prayers preparing them for battle that they be able to stand without wavering. Minister Patricia Hammonds is married to Deacon James Hammonds and birthed in this union are two beautiful adult children and three adorable grandchildren.

Sister Patricia McQueen
Intercessor/Prayer Warrior

Patricia McQueen, a purposed, humble vessel and prayer warrior of God's Holy Kingdom, was born and raised in Hinesville, Ga. Even though she has known of the Lord at an early age due to being a preacher's daughter, she had a hunger and thirst for a true relationship with the Lord. Sickly, she began to pray and seek healing for her body and glorify God through worship, musically. In 2015 a Heavenly covenant was created when she met Pastors Alton and Nicckay Natson and they became her spiritual parents. They have helped guide her and she carries their Spiritual DNA. In 2017, Patricia and her husband Jahmadd Sr, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Eight weeks later, their healthy baby boy went back home to be with the Lord. While heart broken, they did not lose faith and Patricia found purpose in her pain, intercession. She is now a soon-to-be author, entrepreneur, intercessor, prayer warrior, L.I.F.T.E.R, a Titus 2 Woman and founder of Joy in Jesus (JJ) Inc all while Sniping Hell out of the Earth through prayer and intercession.