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Flourish Women Mentoring (Titus 2)

Mentorship for the modern Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman. A 12 month program to deepen your relationship with God, help you flourish as a woman and discover your identity and the authentic you to grow in your gifts and build strong relationships with other like minded women and so much more. You want be charged for the mentorship. However, you will have a membership charge of $100.00 per month for the program.

Far Above Rubies Mentoring

A 12 month mentoring program for girls ages 13-17 years old. To teach them their value and purpose, college prep workshops, self-esteem, strengths, passions, and far above rubies modules and empowerment, and a debutante ball and so much more. Graduates of this program go on to be leaders and pillars within the community. You will not be charged for the mentorship. However, there will be a monthly membership fee of $100.00 per month.

God's Royal Diadems Mentorship

 God's Royal Diadems a 2nd  year mentorship program for those that graduated Flourish Women Mentoring (Titus 2) designed especially for women to help you understand how royal you are as a woman to further deepen your relationship with God. Deal with and bring balance to your life career/business, deal with death, grief ect... and build strong relationships with other like minded women and so much more within this program. Your life will never be the same. You want be charged for the mentorship. However, you will have a membership charge of $100.00 per month for the program.

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Women of Prestige: God's leading Ladies

6 month mentoring/coaching program for those Elect Ladies and female Pastors or those in the fivefold ministry that are new in ministry. Side by sidewalk to help mentor/coach them and help them within their ministry call and find their place in the body alongside their spouse and become a true team ministry but helping her to find her own identity and right in the kingdom. Empowerment and strength to birth out momentum and resiliency. You will get two 2 hour sessions per month that are a total of 12 sessions. The cost of this program is $600 or 4 payments of $150.00

Keeper of the Flame Prophetic Mentorship

Remnant Arising Academy & Training Institute The Keeper of the Flame prophetic mentorship and coaching for Seers, Prophets and Prophetic Vessels. This program is a 12 month program to sharpen, birth out, activate and release you into your destiny and purpose. At the end of the program you graduate with a Certificate. This program includes 24 prophetic training, coaching and teaching sessions and courses to help develop you. You will have two classes per month for $75.00 per month at $37.50 per course. That's a great deal with everything that you will be receiving.

The 5 Star Kingdom Woman Mentoring

This is a  2 month/ 8 weeks mentoring and coaching program to help assist women in becoming better wives, mothers and business savvy women, entrepreneur and for single women that desire to be married to become wife material. It is based on the Titus 2 woman. They will be a 5 Star woman after going through this program. This program includes one 1 hour session per week for 8 weeks. The cost of this program is $350.00 or 4 installments of $87.50

Inner Healing & Deliverance

Inner healing is for those that need peace in their mind, and in their soul. They may have experience pain, trauma, emotional roller coasters. Trying to get over hurt in the church, mother wounds/father wounds and need inner peace so their soul can be made whole. Inner healing consists of 8 counseling sessions at $80.00 per session. Deliverance is for those that need to be delivered from things in life that have them bound such as addictions, pornography, pride, un-forgiveness, bitterness, lying, fornicating ect..... deliverance sessions consist of 5 sessions that have to be scheduled. There is no charge to help someone get delivered. It's a total of 13 sessions.