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Kimberly is CEO and founder of GMI. She has been a nurse for over eleven years. She is currently graduated with a  Doctorate of Nursing Practice- Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program from Augusta University. Kimberly has spent the last seven years working as a mental health nurse at a state hospital. While working side by side with psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers, activity therapists, health service techs and more, she expanded her skills as a mental health clinician. Kimberly worked on the admission and forensics unit where she served individuals that suffered from serious mental health illnesses like Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder.  At the state facility, clinicians and staff worked gallantly to rehabilitate individuals and assist them in returning to the community. Unfortunately, many of these clients would return to the facility in crisis states months later.  Kimberly began to research and study what was causing the increased readmission rates. She realized that the missing link was community support and involvement. Kimberly’s passion is now finding a solution to bridge the gap between the community, individuals that suffer from mental health illnesses and the clinicians that care for them.