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Graced for the Recovery Women's Summit


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October 25-28, 2022 8:30 PM EST Nightly via Zenith TV Network

Join us for four days each night as you enter into the recovery room as these skilled spiritual practitioners help to navigate you to your place of recovery and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. It's time for you to recover all and walk in the promises of God for your life. They will help you pivot and gain momentum to thrust you forth in your business, ministry, personal life, family and in your home.


Meet Our Speakers


Prophetess Yolanda Mitchell

Founder of Newbeing Queens Inc.

A phenomenal woman of God who loves God and loves people and just want to be in the will of God.


Prophetess Fiona Thompson

Founder of Dear Queen Foundation

A women who walks in the healing ofGod who has experienced so much in her life and God has shown his hand time and time again. He has been her refuge and her rescue.


Minister Azryah J.

Founder of Azryah J. Ministries

A woman that has a heart for youth. Her ministry is for the youth. As a teenager she went through trial after trial trying to fit in and please people until God delivered her from herself.


Apostle Dr. Nicckay Natson

Founder of LIFT International Inc.

Dr. Nicckay has a heart to see God's people come to a place of repentance and turning back to their first love Jesus Christ. Miracles, signs and wonders follow the ministry of Dr. Nicckay. She operates in miracles, healing, deliverance and in the seer dimension. Dr. Nicckay is passionate about her God given assignment and enjoys seeing those that are bond set free. She is called  to the rejected, the outcast and those that have been overlooked, and the misfit. She enjoys working with families and children her passion is for marriages, and seeing teen girls and women flourish and become the royal diadem that they are. Dr. Nicckay enjoys coaching, mentoring, counseling and helping women and teens find their God given identity through inner healing and deliverance.

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Graced for the Recovery Virtual Summit

Summit Starts:  October 25-28, 2022 at 8:30 PM EST

It's time for us to walk in wholeness and  healing so we can walk in the fullness of God as we take you through the recovery room to propel you forth as you recover all in this hour.