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Meet Dr. Nicckay Natson

A Creative, Imaginative, Writer & Storyteller at Heart

As a young child I always had a creative imagination and a zeal for writing. I have always been animated and love to read stories and re in act that story and use props to make it come to life when I use to teach Pre-K and Kindergarten. I wanted the children to use their imagination and use their cognitive skills to enable them to capture and fill their little minds with bright vivid color and characters to stimulate senses. Since then, I’ve progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories and sharing them with much larger audiences. As a professional writer  storyteller, and one of God's scribes in the earth. I’m adept at using my imaginative thinking and creative flair to bring my stories to life in engaging and entertaining ways to capture the attention of people to bring transformation to their lives through written communication. Through my writings prophetic utterances are released.

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Navigating Through Trauma Healing Course

A 12 week course designed to help you process, flourish, heal and thrive in life from your traumatic experiences.  

Our faith-based trauma healing courses, and training, are designed to help you move forward from trauma and tragedy into a better future so you can heal. If you are looking to heal and move forward and process your emotions and express in a healthy way. You're in the right place.

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Home: About
Home: About

Identifying  Your Signature On Earth

A 12 week masterclass designed to help women flourish and thrive in ministry,  their call, gifts and life to unlock, activate and ignite you.  

  • Are you a dreamer?

  • Do you see things that you don't understand?

  • Do you need clarity on your gifts and what you have been called to do?

  • Do you want to walk confidently into your divine purpose?

  • Do you need to be activated in your gifts?

  • Do you desire to be in an intimate place with God?

  • Do you want to uncover your spiritual assignment?

  • If you answered yes to any of these question look no further this course is definitely for you.

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LIFT International Inc

Beautiful Women Flourishing In Their Sphere of Influence and Leveling Up

  • Do you want to learn more about your sphere of influence?

  • Are you are ready for cycles to be broken and stop starting and stopping?

  •  Are you ready to go forth into your destiny? 

  • Are you ready to discover more about your purpose.

  • Do you want to network with other like minded women?

  • Are you ready to level up in your business, ministry or both? 

  • Do you want to coach, teach, minister on other platforms? 

Home: About
Home: About

Flourish Women Mentorship Program

A mentorship program designed to help women flourish and thrive in life as a wife, mother, leader and in sisterhood and unity. 

  • Monthly Sessions

  • Fellowship w/other Women (Sisterhood)

  • Accountability Partners

  • One on One Mentoring

  • Build your relationship with God

  • Conferences, Seminars, Summits

  • Retreats for Women, Tele-Conferences

  • Facebook Lives

Kingdom Snipers Training & Development

A mentorship program designed to help you go deeper in your prayer life and the wells of intercession in your life will begin to flow. 

  • How to shift atmospheres

  • Becoming One with the Father through Intimacy

  • Dimensions of prayer

  • Understand spiritual authority

  • Having a stable prayer life. 

  • Accountability

  • Commanding and Releasing Angels

  • Travail

  • Stewarding Well

  • The Supernatural 

  • Marine Spirits

  • Orphan Spirit

  • And MUCH MUCH more!!!

On Sale for $900 a year and $75.00 a month for black history month

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Home: About

The Love Nest Marriage Devotional

Available for Pre-order December 2023

The Love Nest devotional for couples after God's own heart is to enhance their marriage in the areas of love, patients, prayer and communication ect. This book is authored by Dr.'s Alton and Nicckay Natson the founders of The Love Nest and host of The Love Nest radio and television show. You can pre-order your copy of this devotional. It will be released December 2023. Purchase your copy today at

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The Pure In Heart

Coming Soon

I’ve been working on this latest release for some time now, and can’t wait for you to read it. This 31 day devotional on the Pure In Heart first started out as to how God was dealing with me about the affairs and issues of my own heart, and He spoke to me clear and said write out the things that I speak to you to bless others to help them with their heart issues. He said that this book will be a soul cleanser to purify the hearts of men.

Home: Latest Book

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"


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