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Esther 4:14

Kingdom blessings beloved welcome to Nicckay Natson Global. Feel free to browse through our website and become familiar with it. Nicckay Natson Global is founded upon the principals of the kingdom of God. God is at the center, we always want God to be on display in everything that we do and say. Please, don't forget to subscribe and sign up for our updates, words of encouragement and for our monthly newsletter and discounts on products. Our mission and vision is to enrich the lives of people, to make a major impact on a global scale, and equip people to be battle ready and to walk in and fulfill the call that God has placed upon their lives and to bring about permanent transformation in their thought life believe systems and inner man and the purity of who God is. So they can walk bold and be authentically who God called them to be unapologetically.

Nicckay Natson Global was birth out of Dr. Nicckay and founded upon Esther 4:14 If you keep silent deliverance will arise from another place perhaps this is the moment for which you were created. It's time for you to fly it's time for you to soar and see yourself in a better place. 

Dr. Nicckay and her husband went into prayer and fasted and God gave them the vision and the blueprint to help others. Those that need inner healing, have soul issues and have experienced trauma and need inner peace, deliverance, mental health counseling, mental stability and revival in their lives for this purpose this ministry was birth.  Nicckay Natson Global is pure passion birth from pain and redemption. Where God took what the enemy meant to harm this precious couple with God turned it around for their good so he could get the glory.  

 Nicckay Natson Global consists of a conglomerate of programs, hubs and apostolic centers/schools. The Remnant Arising Academy & Training Institute a school for seers, prophets, and prophetic vessel in the earth, leadership, intercessors, watchmen, prayer warriors, gatekeepers, business, and ministry and also for those that would like to obtain a degree in theology, ministry, clinical pastoral counseling ect. The place where prophets, leaders, intercessors, and entrepreneurs are developed and birth out. Rejuvenation Counseling Coaching & Consulting LLC, A place where people can come for inner healing/ soul purge and deliverance along with mental health counseling, coaching and therapy. Natson Publishing & Creatives, where we help to publish your written works and take it global. LIFT International Inc, a global ministry assisting women in the earth in their growth and development in a variety of ways. 

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