Nicckay Natson Global Coaching & Consulting

Renewing the mind, restoring lives, and bringing healing to individuals one soul at a time.

One on One Coaching Services 

30 minutes $50.00

60 minutes $85.00

Consulting Services $250.00 for 60 minutes

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Destiny Coaching

Helping you to discover your identity, destiny and purpose in life and in ministry. You will receive 6 weeks one on one coaching one hour a week.

Wife Camp

This is a 6 weeks coaching class to re-ignite your marriage and give it a tune-up in the areas of marriage,  communication, vision, parenting and intimacy

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Writing & Publishing Coaching

You will be coached on the publishing process, how to write a book and strategies and ideas for your book to be published. This is a 6 weeks coaching program.

Prophetic Coaching

If you need guidance and direction some prophetic compassing in your life. Clarity on things you may have questions too. This is goal setting, and a blueprint development for your life. This is a 6 weeks prophetic coaching session in life, ministry, or business.

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Helping early childhood educators understand child development, working with special needs children, lesson plans, setting up a classroom, classroom management ,leadership, understand behaviors, technical support, classroom observations, assessments and tools to assist in having a thriving classroom and great learning environment ect...
We also have ECE technical support and accreditation consulting for child development centers and CDA portfolio coaching and CDA observations this service falls under consulting. If you need assists with television and radio or magazine start up we can coach you and help you get started. If you need assistance with starting a Christian mental health practice or online practice we can assist you.

Courts of Heaven

The Courts of Heaven is not another prayer strategy; it's a blueprint for engaging a spiritual dimension. This is called the Courts of Heaven. As a believer Gods chosen in the earth can come before the Court and present their cases of unanswered prayers or delayed breakthroughs to the Righteous Judge in the Mercy Court.  After, you have been in the Courts of Heaven you begin to see immediate results of breakthrough over your life.  We do not charge for this service we just ask that you sow a seed to honor the vessel that went before the Lord on your behalf in the court room of heaven.

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